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Off To A Cosmetics Conference!

Just a note to say that I am off to a 3-day cosmetics conference! I will of course try to keep up the posts. I am so excited and more importantly, cannot wait to share with you all the things I will be seeing and learning there. Looking over the conference programme, I can see that there will be a lot of innovative skin and hair care products coming into the market. The good news for me personally is that almost half of the topics they will be discussing will revolve around making more 'green' products.

While I am there, I will try to absorb as much information humanly possible and hope that there will be lots of photo ops. I pray that feeling a little under the weather will not affect me too much. Wish me luck!

Credits: M. Mariano

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The Seeker said...

Oh, that's good!!
You must be very excited about it, knowing how you love cosmetic.
Good thing the "green" products!!
I'll look forward to your (always so good)information.
Good luck, enjoy and have fun.


La Belette Rouge said...

Cannot wait to hear about the conference and all that you learned.