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Q & A - Everyday Minerals & Meow Cosmetics

Reader's Question:

" hi! i came across your post (blogger) and saw that you've tried both meow and edm. i'm currently using meow (pampered puss) and i don't really have anything negative to say about it except that it dries my skin at times. i just want to ask how edm compares to meow and which one of the two has a "creamier" finish. which of the two do you like best? and, which of the edm formulas do you suggest i try? thanks in advance! :) "

My thoughts:

Hello! Thanks for your question. (I thought that I would share this in a Q&A, since I have previously received similar questions as this.)

I have to say that I love and use the foundations from both Everyday Minerals and Meow Cosmetics. However, I do choose which one to use based on a few things. I will choose the formula to use on any particular day based on the condition of my skin, weather, and what I will be doing.

In general, on days where my skin needs extra coverage, and if I have the time to spend on blending, I will pick up my Everyday Minerals foundation. The two formulas that I like the most from them are matte and semi-matte. They both have a creamy-feel and give great coverage. Their intensive formula is too intensive for me though, and their original glow formula looks too glowy for my liking (I feel that it emphasizes pores and lines). I know that if I use their foundations, I will need a touch-up with a blotting powder later on in the day.

On my lazy days, when I don't feel like I need or want a lot of coverage, and, if I know that I will not want to touch-up too much, I will reach for my Meow Pampered Puss foundation. This powder is finely milled so it gives a little less coverage in comparison (you can apply more layers to achieve better coverage). It also feels slightly more powdery-dry (in a good way). I like it for its lightness and for when it is warmer outside. I have not tried their Flawless Feline foundation (intensive coverage), as I prefer a buildable formula.

During days when I have that extra time, I will use different colors and formulas of foundations from both brands together! I may use the semi-matte Everyday Minerals foundation as a base and top that off with the Pampered Puss Meow foundation. This combination gives my skin the coverage and the makes my skin look refined!

Since both companies sell samples of their foundations, it is a good idea to take full advantage of that. I personally feel that foundations that have a matte or semi-matte finish, as opposed to the glowier ones, are more user-friendly. I think the skin looks better if you do 'spot-glow' instead; that is, use a glow product on selected parts on your face where you want a sheen. Just remember to moisturize your skin well before applying your foundation and be sure to give the moisturizer/primer the time to soak in (this may help you with the drying problem you are experiencing).

I know that both Everyday Minerals and Meow Cosmetics have a huge fan following. So feel free to share what you think about their foundations in comments!

Credits: Grayburn

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