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Miucha Edges

There was a lot of unfinished business on the runway of the Prada Spring Ready-to-wear 2010 show in Milan.  Edges were hacked off and ever so slightly pulled which resulted in a beautiful balance of structure and destructed.  Fragile or not?  Piece after piece appeared and one could hardly believe one's eyes or blink in fear of missing just a second of the show.

I recently worked with a garment at a photoshoot that resembled a softly decaying blossom.  The edges, like those seen at the Prada show, were unfinished and tattered.  That piece was so delicate so much that at every 10 camera clicks the garment transformed itself right before us.  Perhaps it is a reference to the unstable nature of beauty. Or maybe we simply get bored with wearing something that looks the same all the time.  But which ever way we would like to interpret it, I think I love the way things are going for Spring of 2010.  Stagnation has been driven out of town!

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), style.com

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