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Thoughts On The New Year

Quickly jotting down something more than just as a reminder for the year to come....

What have we got to lose right?  The only thing left to do is to take more risks in our lives.

In the spirit of that, a look at 15 years of Hussein Chalayan in fashion. 

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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The Seeker said...

Happy New Year G!!!

All the best, darling, luv


Izar said...

Hi Grayburn!

I just dropped by to wish you a very happy year 2010 and to congratulate you on your choice to learn to be a makeup artist. (Yeah, that's how long I haven't been around... *blushes*) By the looks of it, you're doing a fabulous job at it. :-) Keep up the excellent work!

Lots of love,