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Pampering Your Tools

Fortunately I have been kept very busy and have been getting a taste of working as a Makeup artist. At the end of each day though, I unzip my makeup rolling case to find a whole lot of stained sponges and gooey brushes. And when it has been a long day, I want to be able to get my stuff clean fast and ready to use again the next day....with as little effort as possible!

My saviors are the Beauty blendercleanser and the Kryolan brush cleaner.

The blendercleanser is a makeup sponge cleaner originally designed for the beauty blender (or that pink pointy thing sitting on top of the spout of the cleaner as pictured above). Ever since I got my own beauty blender set which included a bottle of their cleanser, I have fallen in love with it. It is easy to use because of the push-down spout mechanism. The cleansing liquid permeates through a damp sponge with ease simply because the company has adapted this design (similar to the nail polish remover holders that you might see in a professional nail salon). The liquid cleanser is gentle and by far the toughest cleanser I've come across for ridding tough stains and smells on makeup sponges. But do remember that sponges do age with use so there will come a point when no amount of cleaning will do and you simply have to toss it!

"lightly lavender-scented cleanser that’s free of dyes and skin irritants. It’s soothing soy-based, low-suds formula breaks down rapidly, making it earth-friendly and fun to use. Soy has the added benefit of being one of nature’s finest moisturizers, so by all means, clean up with class and do it often." ,beauty blender.

The Kryolan Brush Cleaner is an alcohol based cleaner for makeup brushes. It provides quick cleansing for brushes that requires at the most 15 minutes of dry time for brushes (as opposed to the overnight drying if brushes are washed with soap and water). All that is required is paper towel to wipe off the dirt with. The other ingredient in this cleanser is petroleum distillate. So while the alcohol disinfects and cleans the bristles of your brushes, the petroleum conditions them. As frequent washing of brushes can wear out the bristles, cleaning my brushes this way takes care of the bristles and they actually become smoother and much easier to work with.

Do you pamper your makeup tools? If so, how?

Website: Beauty blendercleanser, danceshopper.com
Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use)

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Cris said...

I normally just use shampoo or cleanser & let them dry overnight. But of course I'm not a make-up artist ;).

The Seeker said...

Hmmm... I want them clean, but never used great things, shampoo and water and that's it.

So how are you gorgeous, I think full od work, but happy, am I wrong???

All the best, dear



fashion herald said...

Oh, no, I don't pamper them at all! I'm a very bad makeup brush owner, and let's not talk about my sponges. But these are great recs, I need to get one of these!