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Even with the heat of Summer prevelant, I can't help but anxiously await the arrival of Autumn. A bit of time spent surfing on style.com does that to me every season. The anticipation of new colors, textures, shapes and even more choices in ways we will be encouraged to play with our hair and makeup is mind blowing.

And before my mind drifts off somewhere else let me just put this down. Balmain's Fall 2009 collection has at so many levels encompassed all of the feelings aforementioned. In Balmain's case, the new color is a vibrant blue, drizzling sequins as the new texture, and the new shape is the elongated line drawing focus on cutting edge shoulders.

And then just look at those boots!

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), style.com

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Make Do Style said...

I love the blue blouse!

shopinchic said...

I love the dress! And boots this season are my craving for this fall. It doesn't matter if the boots are ankle style or knee
high- all boots are fabulous
this fall~