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7 Days Of Summer Beauty Classics '08 - Day Four

I had frizzy hair when I was younger partly because I was clueless in the haircare department and didn't think that it went beyond shampoo and conditioner. The other part of the reason was that I didn't have extra money to invest in quality hair appliances.

Now a little older and perhaps a tad wiser (thanks to being kept up-to-date by information from other bloggers), I have found quite a few Holy Grail-title worthy haircare products/appliances. One such appliance is the T3 hairdryer from Bespoke Labs. Thus this is the one that wins spot #4 on my Summer Beauty Classics '08.

I have the T3 hairdryer in the overnight version because I live in Europe. It is also handy since I know I can bring it with me anywhere I go with its dual voltage capability, is lightweight and folds in half! What makes their hairdryers work so well is that their insides are fitted with tourmaline, which emits a stream of negative ions onto the hair. That is the secret to drying our hair dry faster and smoother, without boiling the hair dry as conventional hairdryers do. What I have noticed while using mine is that it doesn't release a strong/big flow of air. I find that that is a good thing since too strong of an air flow creates frizziness. The funny thing is, it has cut down my drying time and my hair is looking healthier than before.

I found my Bespoke Labs T3 Overnight Hairdryer at Misikko

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The Seeker said...

Living on a island with lots of humidity my hair most of the days gets curly. As I like it straight now I bought a ceramic piece (I don't know the word), but I think it damages the hair.


Make Do and Mend said...

Oh useful bit of information again x

Erica said...

I have been thinking of getting the overnight dryer instead of the regular-sized one. I think I got my answer. Thanx.

Anonymous said...
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