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Feeling The Heat

Even with being all the way over here in Europe, I am certainly feeling the waves of heat from New York's Fashion Week. I have been bitten by the fashion bug again. At another location in NYC on September 11th, the Nolcha Fashion Week will kick off to present 35 independent international fashion designers. How much better can it get for the people of the city of style and fashion?

Check out the selected 8 makeup looks for the Nolcha shows created by makeup artist Robert Moulton using DEX Cosmetics' mineral makeup. I am loving the hairspray technique from the Carolina Brasil face chart and want to imitate the lips from the Celestino show. Click to follow Robert's instructions on how to recreate the looks or to see them in more detail.

Carolina Brasil



Royal Sunday




Moss Universe

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), DEX Cosmetics
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