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Interpretation Of MAC Fall Makeup Looks

I have been obsessed with looking at the MAC Cult of Cherry collection. The deep cherry and chocolate hues of the collection is made even more delicious with an array of lipsticks, mattenes and lipglasses so devilishly pigmented. So Scarlet (lipstick), Bing (Mattene Lipstick), and Jampacked (Lipglass) are the ones to have for Fall because it might be a while until we see these kinds of colors again.

Now I am quite used to waiting for some time for any new MAC releases here. I used to fret and get all anxious about the wait but something has changed and I quite enjoy it now. This waiting period gives me the time to read everyone else's reviews and see their interpretations. The time also lets me come up with my own interpretations and stand-in products until the real thing reaches me. It will be about another week or so until the entire collection shows up in the Netherlands so I have put together a few of my favorite stand-ins that I love and am using right now.

MAC Face Chart - Jampacked

For this look, I use a Versace lipstick I already own in V2015. The beautiful cherry stain color with no shimmer is disguised by the look of scary eggplant color. The swatch above was done with one single swipe so with a few more swipes, it reaches the intensity of the look in MAC's face chart (above left). Great versatility! Thanks to the hype with dark lips this fall, I can work this and finally pull this one from storage.

To complete the look while not taking too much attention from that delicious lip look, the Sephora Blush Me Twice! duo in Duo Capricieuse No. 1 is perfect. Since this was purchased when I was in Paris, the name of the product is different elsewhere (on their site, it is called Blush Me Twice! Hot Pink/Bronze) and may not be available everywhere. I find that both sides of the blush can be used allover the face and on the eyes to contour and highlight, and to re-create the look in the face chart. I am particularly fond of the satin feel of the finely pressed powder of this blush duo. The texture feels incredibly light and has a beautiful sheen.

MAC Face Chart

Dark smoky eyes have all the attention as well; as long as it is not paired with a strong lip like the one above. Colors of soot, dust, ash and matt black are the ones to pay attention to. For this task I call on my Hot Contrast eyeshadow from MAC. The beautiful veining on the lighter side consists of silver, red, black and pink. Because of the marbling, we get to play and create a variety of looks depending on how much of each color we choose to pick up. The matt black side is supposed to be a straight matt black but mine came with a a smudge of shimmery red in it. So much fun and what you get may be different from what others have!

A second interpretation of the smoky eye this fall can be done with H&M's Makeup Palette called 40's Night Makeup Palette. The compact costs me a whopping 7 euros and contains 5 shades for making up the eyes and 3 shades for the cheeks. The palette came in two choices and this one was another Paris purchase. I have not seen this in the Netherlands yet but I hope it makes an appearance elsewhere other than Paris. The killer shades are the smoldering blue/green that looks like velvet in the compact, the shimmery charcoal that sparkles, and the diamante ricepaper shade. The blushes are usable and has good texture, but they are way too small to use with a proper blush brush. I had to squeeze my brush to make it compact enough to fit. But who cares because the compact as a whole is so cute and metallic aqua!

Credit: Grayburn (Terms of Use), maccosmetics.com
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The Seeker said...

Dear Graybur I want a lipstick like that!!!!!
I'm so in love with it, how can I resist it.... mama mia lol

I also have been thinking in wine colour lipstick, do you think it's "in"

Very informative about new trends, amazing post.

Is everything ok with you dear?
Hope so.

Take care

Leigh said...

Hello. How are you? Hope all is well. You're lucky because like you said you get to read reviews about the products before you buy. I always get caught up in buying a product and then hating it. Take Care.

Make Do and Mend said...

I'm loving dark lipstick and can understand why the jampacked face look is so appealing.

fashion herald said...

love the jampacked look!

Lily said...

hey, you should do a makeup look or something! :)

by the way, i nominated you for an award on my blog!

Beauty Tyrant said...

I'm so digging the smokey eye look here.

Just looking at Jampacked, it reminds me that I have a super dark lipstick which is in my beauty purgatory :) Maybe its time to whip it out for this season.

Grayburn said...

leigh...it causes me less pain to see things that way :) It seems I have been having a hard time lately but on the bright side, things could be worse. Have you purchased something you've regretted recently? Please do share :)

x Grayburn

Grayburn said...

Seeker...wines are great and I think always 'in'. I especially love the color we get after we have been drinking port wine. hmmm...:)

take care girl and thanks for your support,
x Grayburn