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7 Days Of Summer Beauty Classics '08 - Day Six

A little spritz here and there with a facial spray really gives a welcoming relief to a hot, sticky complexion. I love to carry a facial spray in my purse during the hotter months simply because of that.

The MAC Fix+ spray contains ingredients that draw moisture onto the skin and to help makeup adhere to the skin. Not only is it a handy freshen-upper, it is my must-have because I use mineral foundation. The smell of the product isn't half bad either. Three spritzes on my face after the application of mineral foundation takes away that powdery look and prepares the skin for the next step: setting powder. I know that many use mineral or spring water sprays such as Evian or Avene however, my personal preference is for MAC's because of the extras on their ingredients list. I sent BFOG for a few bottles of this while he was in New York earlier this week. He returned only with one bottle (the last on the shelves) after having visited 3 different MAC counters there.

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The Seeker said...

Thank you so much my dear for your words about my health.
I'm much tiered, stressed and overwhelmed, so to prevent a breakdown I must slow a bit.
I think I'm not stopping blogging, I'm too addicted to it, but I would spend less time blogging, so visiting blogs will not be on a daily basis as I was doing.

Take care darling

Ino @ yumegokochi said...

Hello! It's been some time since I last dropped you a comment here, so how's stuffs going?

I saw your whole series of summer blogging. For me, here is summer thru'out the year. Humidity like craze.

I dunn use facial spray... if the heat is really that unbearable & I really need some moisture, I'll use wipe with facial wipes that I bought from THE FACE SHOP. Convenient & nice smell too.

Have you tried out any SK-II products? Well~ maybe I can call myself an avid fan of their products. Open up my closet, hell~~~ 95% of all my beauty maintenance products are theirs, with a mere 5% belonging to either Estee Lauder or Lancome. *keke~ you should give it a try. They moisture lockin are quite good*

Make Do and Mend said...

I love this product but you've given me new ways to use it!

Make Do and Mend said...

PS have left you an award - will be on blog in a bit

Grayburn said...

Ino...so nice to hear from you! How have you been? I can imagine that it is always hot where you are and I had no idea that TBS wipes work so well. I'm going to have a look at them, thans! Ever since I heard some scare with SK-II products, I never went that direction again. Though I have been tempted recently as, like you have said, they have great moisture-lockin powers :) So what should I start with?

x Grayburn